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...:::Welcome to Fallen Tears:::...

Five years ago, a war broke out in Tokyo, Japan over codes that could improve economy of the country. Four gangs fought over those codes and in the end, the Mafia Law Enforcement end up winning the war by the help of the Diamonds and Spades. Survivors of the war returned home. Peace rose in the country, giving a peaceful environment.

Today, a new war emerges from the ashes of the old one over new set of codes. These codes have access to any information in the world. Six gangs are now after the codes, all for their own personal agenda. Peace had been destroyed by this upcoming new war. Six gangs, six different powers, six different choices. All for the same goal: Capture the codes and win the war. The desire to emerge as the victorious leader is up in the air with all six leaders. Who will win the war?

Will it be Spades, Diamonds, Clubs, Hearts, Aces, or Jokers? The Spades being led by a survivor of old Fallen Tears, Grxeg Amorosa as a detective. Diamonds being led by the sole drug lord in the country of Japan, Yebisuke Hara. The dangerous ruthless Clubs being led by a rather very powerful and dangerous Yakzua leader named Jinrio Eli. The Media's leader, Acheron Alaga, took on the symbol of Hearts for the Media to expose the hearts of the war and other sides while obtaining the codes. The underground organization of hackers led by the youngest person in Fallen Tears, Katsuro, is called the Aces. A snatcher leader, Tyisha Akru, decided to take upon the symbol of Joker for being a wild card. All the ranks are organized by the chess pieces for symbolism and metaphorical reasons of each leader.


Welcome to Fallen Tears, an RP group inspired by the yakuzas, gangsters, and mafia across the world where the members are able to create their own stories and develop their characters in the setting of a gang war in Tokyo, Japan. The group aims to be a laid back but enjoyable group and at the same time help artists improve on their skills, share their creativity, socialize, forge relationships, and role play. If you wish to apply, kindly read all journals before filling up the application sheet. Should you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask them through group notes. Please also read the FAQ to find out more about the group.

We are currently at our first official run, and we are bound to make some mistakes, but we learn! Hope you bear with us for the meantime, and thank you for showing interest!


If you have any questions whose answers have not been provided in the links, please note the group.



Five years ago...

There was a war that raged across Tokyo, Japan that was known as Fallen Tears. It was a war between the four gangs that wanted the codes that were to flourish the Japan's economy. Each had their own reason for wanting these codes in their hands. For a long year they have fought over the codes, searching for the codes, and slaughtering each other over the codes. Many lives were lost during this war due to the ruthless nature of two gangs that were lead by Jacia Trista and Leonrajan Salazar. Tokyo was left in ruins from the war's results. The codes fell in the hands of the Mafia gang which was the fifth gang that entered the war. The Mafia was the detectives who wanted to restore the codes back to the government's hand. Once the codes were securely in the hands of the government, the survivors of the previous Fallen Tears returned home, to peace.


As the clatter of the dog tags meeting the floor was heard, a man looked at the computer screen. His eyes were carefully trained on the sequences of a new code that was to allow anyone who extracted the codes correctly to view every criminal, personal, official, and unofficial records across the world. The new code creator was taking off his glasses for a moment, rubbing the bridge of his nose. There were dark bags under his eyes as he was rather exhausted. He wanted to able to create the codes that would able to access to any source of information in the world. His lover came into the massive computer room that he keeps and suggested that he go to bed due to the lack of sleep he was enduring at the moment. The Code Creator agreed to the idea of sleeping but after he finished the last part of the code which he quickly finished inputting the sequences in. Once it was finished, he placed it in his desk for safe keeping at the moment. Then went to bed with his lover.

A few nights later when the code creator was out with his lover, a snatcher had broken into their home and stolen the codes by the request of the owner of the Auction Houses that were held in secret, known as the Underground Auction Houses. The snatcher had other plans though.

It was a grand night for the underground auction house where many rich influential people in Japan decided to flock this house to see which rare or unique items were being sold. There were some rather very noticeable people such as the biggest Yakuza leader, Jinrio Eli, and the only Drug Lord in Japan, Yebisuke Hara. People were taking their seats inside the building, taking their time to attempt outbid the other interested parties in the items.

A lone snatcher by the name of Tyisha Akru was scanning through the crowd that arrived for the auctions that night. She noticed a man that was sitting in the corner, eyeing specific two individuals. She assumed that he was a detective who managed to sneak into the crowd unnoticed.

The detective, Grxeg Amorosa, was a survivor of the previous Fallen Tears war. He had chose to become a detective to promote peace just like how his brothers would have. He relaxed in his wooden chair, watching how the two very powerful current gang leaders act, Jinrio and Yebisuke. Next to the two rather very powerful and dangerous gang leaders, sat rather unfamiliar face to all, Katusro Suzuki.

Katsuro Suzuki is the youngest person ever to enter the war. Out of understanding the severity of Fallen Tears, he had created and organized an underground hackers group to ensure that any dangerous codes were not going to fall into the wrong hands or used for the wrong purpose. Also it was an attempt to try prevent another war over codes. Katsuro was at the underground auction house, mainly to make sure that there was no codes going for sale and to bid on any potential good hacking devices. He glanced over a guy who was charming a rather filthy rich female.

The man that was charming and flirting with the woman was known as Acheron Alaga. He was a skillful undercover journalist who attempts to get the best stories to share with the public to get them aware of what's going on the streets. He was an handsome looking male, clearly could be mistaken for a date or escort for the woman. He smirked as he was whispering some sweet nonsense into her ear, his eyes trained on the two leaders. He figured that whatever they get interested in would be a great story.

Jinrio Eli is the Yakuza leader of a huge yakuza that flourished from his own business. He was a man of an insanity level. His mind is a dark place while he appears like a businessman. He was sitting with his leg crossed across his lap as he was sitting in a rather luxurious chair. This proved rather how powerful he was. His eyes were trained on the items that were being bid on and the new upcoming items. He didn't show much interest in the items that were being called as he turned his attention to his queen, Akisude Minase who was sitting next to him in another luxurious chair. He leaned in to give him a kiss on the neck as if he was tasting his meal. Jinrio's lover chuckled softly to the kiss on his neck as he let the Yakuza leader enjoy his pleasure.

Yebisuke Hara is the only Drug Lord in Japan due to his business overtaking all other drug dealer's territories and flourishing from his drug traffic business. He smirked rather pleasantly with a joint in his lips as he was smoking his joint. He was also focused on the items since he just wanted what would help his business and ensuring that he was only drug lord in the country. He was currently also sitting in a luxury chair which proved his power too. Yebisuke didn't like the idea of having his own lover near him when he is doing business like this so his lover was somewhere in the crowd, watching how other people were acting. His lover, Astley Samuels, was near the detective, watching the detective closely to ensure that the detective didn't have any concrete proof of Yebisuke's crimes.

As the announcer announced that the next item for bidding was a hard drive that had codes that would access to all information in the world. This sparked everyone's attention but specifically Jinrio and Yebisuke besides Katsuro. There was a voice echoing from where the woman was sitting, "50,000 DOLLARS!"

The one who started the bid was Acheron, the undercover journalist. He looked rather confident that he would win this but he had drawn attention to him. Soon Katsuro stood up and shouted, "60,000!" The young hacker had gained some confidence since creating his underground hacker group. Katsuro had rather a determined expression across his face, seeming determined to not loose this code. Acheron countered Katsuro and Katsuro did the same to Acheron until Grxeg Amorosa, the detective, exclaimed, "90,000!"

Grxeg knew he had drawn attention to him just as how Katsuro and Acheron did. They were in the vision of both powerful leaders. But none of them expected a small voice with such authority speak out, "100,000."

The voice belonged to the girl in a disguise who was Tyisha Akru, a snatcher. She looked rather causal in a business wear she had on as she was watching how the others going to react. Assuming she had won, she smiled small in a business manner. As if she was cocky until Jinrio said calmly with a smirk while still kissing his lover's neck and sticking his hands where places should not be touched in public view, "200,000."

Jinrio's victory would have been then if it wasn't for the Drug Lord, Yebisuke scoffing for a moment and saying as if he was challenging Jinrio to a bid off, "300,000." Both of the leaders let their eyes lock with each other with such fire and passion as if they were amused by this little children game. So they went ahead and started their bidding war until the number of 1 million was reached when the announcer had to break the news that the item had gone missing.

Once that news broke in the auction house, all six parties glanced at each other as if suspecting the other had something to do with that. Jinrio scoffed for a moment as he gotten up and helped his lover up as he said, "Well, I guess this would mean that there will be another war. Since it's over codes. I want them and I am sure others here want them I am challenging you all to a war...a game to see who gets the codes first and win. Let the best King win."

With that being said, he left the auction house with his lover in a luxurious car. But in the chair he was sitting, there lay a black King chess piece in clear few of the other five leaders. Silently, they agreed to the war and gotten up to plan their moves.

Now...the five years of peace has ended with one man creating codes and six people wanting them. The new Fallen Tears War has started.

Who will win this time or get the codes this time?
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